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whose members can qualify with at least a 2-year degree and work experience. adding very few or minimal elements to modify the look. The owner after all intends to sell the house and move out. Home staging interior designers make effective and creative use of design pieces like mirrors, lamps, plants, rugs, baskets, plastic chairs, and pillows to build on existing room colors and furniture. When well done, staging draws the eye to the best features of the house while minimizing the flaws and diverting attention from the more un-pleasing features of the house. Specialized certifications can be earned by designers who concentrate in certain specific areas. For example, three different levels of certification for kitchen and bath designers are offered by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Also, costs can be cut down by doing the major chunk of the basic ground work (For example; repainting, carpet cleaning and de-cluttering) before seeking out the designer.
A home staging interior designer usually offers a consultation service to determine the needs of the client’s home. A rough estimate of the cost is available at this point. Once the client and the designer have agreed, the plan is set to task. The prices for a home staging interior designer’s services vary depending on location and demand. Unlike a typical interior designer who brings new elements into the home to make it livable, a skilled home staging designer works with existing elements,
Most states require interior designers to be licensed. The National Council of Interior Design administers a licensing exam, which requires at least 6 years of combined education and experience in interior design as a prerequisite. Once licensed, an interior designer will need to undergo continuing education in order to maintain licensure. Membership in a professional association is a strong credential for a quality One of the largest associations in the nation is the American Society of Interior Designers, designer to possess. For a home owner, it is advisable to refer to a number of home staging interior designers to obtain a feel of the prices. The home owner should bear in mind that top design companies may charge more for their expertise.